Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part XXII

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Rich people think their shit doesn’t stink. Actually, maybe it doesn't, I've never tested that theory. Oh well - at least now it can also shine. These people [sic] decided to make gold pills that you can swallow and actually poop gold flakes. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make toilet paper pills, so you wouldn’t have to wipe? It would be amusing to just feed them hay and turn them into an urban Rumpelstiltskin. Like a golden goose or a golden geezer.

What an ultimate fuck you to poor people. I hope they shit right on a homeless person’s doorstep. And by that I mean cardboard flap. At least that way they could bedpan for gold. Actually this post should actually be called Flash in the Bedpan. These people aren’t what they eat - they are what they eat after a couple hours - pieces of shit. Hey - at least now you know what to get the person who has everything for Christmas (except gold shit.) Happy Holidays.

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