Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XXXVIII

Written by: Brandon Fisher


It’s the age old dilemma. Women want to play hard to get. Men want to get hard. And we can’t get along.  Men and women are different, am I right? Hey. Where are you going?

Thanks for continuing to read. According to a new study, “Playing hard to get might be one way that people – women in particular – can test their prospective mate's commitment and to manipulate their prospective mates to obtain what – or whom – they want.” Also in the study, “’no shit’, said everyone.“ The more unavailable someone is the more people are willing to invest in them (except for hookers.) It’s like dating hide and seek, except no one ever wins. Women want you to chase after them, but then there’s a good possibility they will run off and call the cops. It’s all so confusing. There’s such a thin line between dating and stalking.

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