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Who I Am In Love With This Week - S E Cupp

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Opposites attract. That’s why I like women. It’s like the saying goes, “Men are from mars and women are fucking crazy.” Everyone has their own level of craziness. The ability to love is the ability to learn to tolerate someone’s level of craziness on a consistent basis. I’ve dated all kinds. From the medically crazy to the functional. And boy, do I have stories (see: all other blog posts on this site.) My parents want me to settle down with a nice, normal young lady, but were would be the fun or conversation in that?

I am not confrontational, but I welcome an informed, intelligent discussion with a rational open minded person. This is why I choose not to debate with Republicans. No dialogue between a Democrat and Republican has ever convinced someone to switch parties affiliation the same way gays guys can’t turn a straight man gay for a night (if they do – they were gay to begin with – and I am not, so please stop trying). I bet the enraged discussion has caused some heat in the bedroom though. Since my bed could use some thawing, this week I am in love with S E Cupp. She is the co-host of The Cycle on CSNBC and is Republican, crazy. She is also however extremely intelligent, charismatic and without reproach. Oh and hot. Put that first. I’m pretty sure we would argue and fight like any couple given our differences, but that’s what would make our bond stronger. And sexier. And sassier. I could really use some of that sass to tone down my mom starts when she starts acting up.

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