Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part XX

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Pockets in girl’s jeans are pretty pointless. Sometimes they’re entirely fake and even the real ones are too thin and shallow to get anything in. They’re like that little crack between the car seat that you really want to squeeze your finger into but you just can’t. The problem is that as a guy I end up getting stuck with whatever won’t fit. Boyfriends are basically caravans – or caramans. See what I did there? We have to carry whatever is too light or too heavy. We put the man in manual labor.

Please see these things available here. Now – I have heard of sagging pants, but this is a little extreme. Girls really never got into the sagging pants game, and for good reason, but these shoes are ridiculous. They are the female equivalent of a guy in a jean jacket. And they even have little pockets to add to the list of potential options for storage that will remain unfilled. Did you correctly count all the vaginal innuendos in the post? Bet you didn’t.

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