Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XXXVI

Written by: Brandon Fisher


True story: I once bought a girlfriend a “dummy’s guide to dating” book as a present, because she was such a shitty girlfriend and I was clearly a model boyfriend. You really can’t point out your significant others dysfunctions to them. You either have to learn to live with them or get out. I have heard plenty of stories of boyfriends’ feeble attempts to passive aggressively hint to their girlfriends that they are getting fat. Ladies, here’s are some hints if your boyfriend thinks you are getting to heavy: Anytime the term “we” is associated with working out. That’s a bad sign. Constant groaning when you order your food. Also bad. When they buy you running shoes. Very bad. Long, expressionless staring at photos of you when you started dating. Critical mass.

I believe in honesty and being supportive. I am not an asshole boyfriend (…anymore. I am aware of the story to start this post.) Your girlfriends’ friends are assholes though. For lots of reasons, but according to a new study their persistent emphasis on body image is giving your girlfriend low self esteem. According to the study, “They found that the more women felt under pressure to be thin, the more likely they were to have body image concerns, irrespective of their actual weight and shape. Interestingly, body talk between friends that focused on exercise was related to lower body dissatisfaction.” I’ve heard of guys meeting women at the gym. Now guys can meet women at the gym to introduce to their women. 

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