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Brandon Spoils Movies - Adventures In Babysitting

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Being a teenager every day can seem like the beginning or the end of the world. Everything is heightened and magnified to the “nth” degree. The 80s really nailed the “a lot can happen in one day” genre between; Ferris Bueller, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club…okay pretty much every John Hughes movie. One of the non-Hughes in this genre was “Adventures In Babysitting.” Following in the formula of one life threatening climax to the next - this film stars Elisabeth Shue who gets stood-up on a date and accepts an offer to babysit a neighbors child only to go through a chutes-and-ladders game of adventure being chased by criminals who have nothing better to do with their night in order to save the lives of children who, she barely knows, but relies on for money.

There’s too many sequences to address in one post, so let’s just hit some high level observations. Shue is asked to watch a young girl of undescribed age, but her older brother, a freshman in high school is also there. Why isn’t the brother just asked to babysit? Would have saved money and 2 hours of my life. And at this young of an age, why was no one stopping this girl to call out the very noticeable Playboy magazine in her backback? I also think the fascination of hers with Thor was lost in her not hitting anyone with her hammer. I also wonder if she is the young girl who pops up at the end of The Avengers. Makes sense.

I have to pause and talk about the actor age vs the character age in this movie. This is nowhere as huge a discrepancy as, say 90210, when Luke Perry was playing a teenager, but was actually 74, but it’s pretty noticeable Elisabeth Shue was not 17. In fact she was 24 at this point. What’s an even huger leap in logic is her boy friend Bradley “So Cool” Whitford who was 28 at this point. We can get some actually teenagers people, it’s not like you are working with animals and need to put peanut butter in their mouth to make it appear as though they were talking (little known fact - this is how the got Ashton Kutcher to appear in Valentines Days. He was in fact asleep the whole time.)

Anyways. Having been in love with babysitters in my youth, I can totally relate to the teenage boy’s character - even more so given the fact that he doesn’t get the girl in the end. He risks his life and pays her countless compliments and she still ends up hooking up with the frat guy she met for like ten minutes. Story of my life. I don’t feel so bad considering that this is the precursor to her ruining her life and ending up a hooker in Leaving Las Vegas.


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