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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Lauren Lapkus

Written by: Brandon Fisher


One of the problems with online dating is that you never hear that person’s voice until far too late in the game. Some people choose to talk on the phone before a first meeting; some opt to just meet up. In either scenario that person may have a terrible off-putting voice that renders them undateable. That’s why I liked the old video-dating services. On VHS you could see what they look like now (not in a 10 year old photo) and what they sound like. If need be, you could mute the sound. Unfortunately you cannot do that in real life.

I like a unique voice. That way when they call you up on the phone and say, “Hey, it’s me” I know exactly who they are. Everyone else who does that to me comes off rather presumptuous. A great laugh is also a must. As a comic, you could not date someone with a terrible laugh – that would be like calling a phone sex line and having Bea Arthur talk dirty to you (and I do mean Bea Arthur now.) I won’t name names, but a comic friend of mine had to abandon their CD recording, because of someone’s terrible laugh being audible the entire time.

Some people may have muted this week’s episode of Comedy Bang Bang when they heard Lauren Lapkus’ character’s voice, but I actually really liked it. She was unique and funny and captivating. It drove me to check her out on line and her character as well as the actor portraying the character is a perfect match for me. Cute. Good voice. Good laugh. Familiar with podcasts…Does anyone have her phone number?

p.s. lapkustwitter

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