Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XXXIV

Written by: Brandon Fisher


People who draw in their eyebrows are lepers of society (literally their eyebrows have been removed like a weak limb). Some actually laser away their eyebrows so they can draw them in (or worse tattoo them on!) What’s weird is that this is accepted in society, yet if I tried to draw in hair over my balding spot I would be shunned from society and forced to live out the remainder of my life cleaning the bathroom drain from the Kardashian’s house.

Now some women want to get cosmetic surgery to get their eyebrows to look “bushier” like Megan Fox. I am against all forms of plastic surgery outside of reconstructive surgery as a result of an accident (and I don’t mean being born with too high eyebrows.) The procedure to get this look is the same that they give balding men when they get “plugs”. Men with plugs are almost as bad as the brow-drawers, but it’s accidental. Here’s the thing - people notice when a guy gets plugs and he is often ridiculed (this is the plug of shame us balding men must bear.) I hope these women get shamed into not proceeding with the surgery by people yelling “plugs” at them on the street. Apparently, the “bushier” look is very in these days. Let’s see how this affects next bikini season.

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