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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Bethany Elhmann

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Every several years, IQ tests test have to be “re-normed” so that the average remains 100. This means that a person who scored 100 a century ago would score 70 today; a person who tested as average a century ago would today be declared mentally retarded.¹ Just think – the bible was written over 2,000 years ago. Do the math. I’ve never taken an IQ test (because I don’t want to show off), but I consider myself to be of above intelligence. This was until Wednesday when I went to the National Geographic Theater in DC to hear Bill Nye moderator a panel on space exploration. I took great pride in bringing down the Mensa level IQ in the room. I found it odd that you can get aroused by the sight of a beautiful woman, but your brain doesn’t get hard after being presented with new and exciting knowledge. Needless to say after that discussion my brain was rock hard and capable of impregnating the minds of other (with knowledge that is.)

One of the speakers on the panel was Bethany Elhmann who is a Research Scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and currently works with the Curiosity rover that landed on Mars. I love smart women. I prefer a large IQ to a large cup size. Not only was Bethany incredibly smart (even for nerd standards) she was funny and attractive (things not commonly associated with nerds.) She also loves what she does and is noticeably enthusiastic and excited by newly acquired knowledge. I have mentioned before that I would be the first to sign-up for a one way mission to Mars. I hope Bethany is likeminded in case they require a female to help repopulate society.

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