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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Abby Elliott

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Bras are getting increasingly more difficult to operate. They need to print directions right on the front like you were disassembling an Ikea desk. Why are they so tricky? I am pretty sure they were designed by the father of the girl wearing them. I want to invent Dad Brand Bras. They will be password protected. They can only be unlocked by dainty feminine hands. And the whole thing shuts down if testosterone is detected. Dad Brand Bras: “Don’t Touch My Daughter”.

There’s nothing weirder than meeting your new girlfriend’s father (except maybe meeting your father’s new girlfriend.) It’s gotta be that much harder if their father is famous. Unless of course you dated her specifically to meet her father. You know it happens. Chelsea Clinton is married. Point made. Moving On. The complete series of Get A Life has finally be released on DVD and I have been ritually rewatching it. Chris Elliott seems like the funnest person to be around. He’s probably the only dad I wouldn’t be terrified to meet. If you are unfamiliar he is father to the beautiful, funny and talented Abby Elliott. How this happened is a mystery. But it happened. I loved her on SNL and now that she has left it seems incomplete without her. I don’t know what she has lined up, but I will check it out regardless. And if she wants to date me and introduce me to her father that’s cool too.

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