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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Lauren Ambrose

Written by: Brandon Fisher


If you’re a comic and you decide to dress up for a show or get a nice haircut or shower (if you normally don’t) be prepared to hear about it from every other comic all night. Why? Because most comics are jealous jerks. This is why we can’t have nice things. It just looks like you are showing off. No one wants to hear about how much money you have or how awesome your job is – it just looks like you are rubbing it in everyone’s face. And don’t even think about bringing a date or someone you just met to a show. The onslaught of misguided attention they will receive will be overwhelming.

It’s tough to date when you’re a comic. You are rarely available at night, you are constantly dealing with terrible shows and then there’s whatever is wrong with us that drives us to be comics. That’s why you really have to give it up for women who stick around with comics. Over the weekend I watched Mike Birbiglia’s fantastic film Sleepwalk With Me. His girlfriend who stuck by his side (at least in the beginning) of his attempt at stand up is Lauren Ambrose. I was familiar with her from Six Feet Under, but something about someone being patient enough to sit through all a comic’s bullshit is irresistible. Of course this is fiction, but she did have to hang around with Birbiglia during the filming and that’s enough for me to love her – at least for this week.

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