Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part XV

Written by: Brandon Fisher

A company in Japan has invented this tail that connects to your brain and reacts to your emotion. It’s like a mood ring, but for your butt. Here’s the thing – I cannot tell what a tail wag means now, “Are you hungry? You need to go outside? You pooped in my shoe? What do you want?” If all reactions are contained within the dog tail, it makes sense that it’s where dogs naturally go when meeting another dog.  It’s their, “How are you doing?” except they actually absorb the reaction from the other dog.

The interesting thing about this tail is that it connects with social media to express your geographic reactions. Basically it replaces the facebook “like” function with tail wags. In the video it shows that there is a “confused” icon. This probably throws off the results considering every time two of these people get together it triggers that reaction.

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