Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part XIV

Written by: Brandon Fisher


I hate Emo. If you don’t know - the term is short for “emotional”. Somehow it got tacked onto a form of music. Here’s the thing - music is supposed to be emotional; it’s supposed to come from somewhere deep. If it doesn’t, it’s just The Black Eye Peas. The type of music that got associated with Emo was a reaction to the consistent rejection of a certain woman, or all women, expressed through the art of whiny song. Like all forms of music, a formula was created and it got mass produced and shoved down America’s throat like Coke until the point of oversaturation.

Emo began as a form of music, but quickly evolved into fashion. Corporations didn’t want to just make records for you to cry to; they wanted to make clothing for you to cry into. Eyeliner, black hair dye and Kleenex doubled their customer base overnight (a feat not seen since the Glam days.) Overtime people could tell you were sad before you even opened your mouth to let out a sad whimper through your quivering lips.

Then something odd happened. There began to be Emo girls. This is the cruel irony. Emo was a “no girls” allowed club and then they started just inviting themselves in. These sad dudes had finally found acceptance in a group only to have it infiltrated by the exact people who rejected them. How cruel. It’s like they came in and started correcting the grammar in their diaries. These girls bought the Emo records, went to the Emo shows and cursed the muse’s name only to turn around and become those exact girls. After a while the music became like a training program on how to emasculate classmates.

Lately Emo has lost its hold on society, retiring itself to its parent’s dark basement. I thought the wave has ebbed, until I saw this jacket by designer Si Chan. It’s for the sad guy who just needs a hug. First off, it looks like the coat hangers in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Next, the hands go all the way up to your neck; it looks like you are being strangled. I really hope they continue down, so they can give you a hand job when you’re feeling down. Finally, it costs $1200.00. Now you can be sad and broke. Now you really have something to be Emo about. I can’t wait until they make the girls version.

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