Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XXXII

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Whenever I see a montage in a movie or television of a women fantasizing about men (which is like all the time) – it’s usually hot sweaty guys working in a steel mill or fighting fires or something. This can’t be true, can it? Firstly – those are some pretty low paying jobs. From my understanding women want men to make lots of money. Nextly – they’re usually in tattered work clothes covered in dirt and grime. I thought women liked a clean shaved man in a suit (preferably also in a BMW.) Lastly – these dudes tend to be super greasy and sweaty. Is that really a turn on? Sweat? If this is all believed to be true how come the sweaty guy in the low paying office job who always wears the same shirt to work isn’t every woman’s fantasy?

I never understood the sweat thing, but apparently this isn’t a huge concern. According to a new study, “sexual arousal in women temporarily reduces the disgust eliciting properties of sexual stimuli and weakens the hesitation to actually approach these stimuli. Due to this effect, women are able to experience body odors, sweat and semen as pleasant during sexual engagement, which in a non-sexual aroused state probably would elicit disgust.” To quote David Cross, “I’ll ask out a hundred women, maybe get 99 ‘no’s, but maybe that hundredth chick likes to fuck on a pile of trash.” Now we know why.

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