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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Karen Gillan

Written by: Brandon Fisher


There’s a new travel website where single women allow rich men to pay for them to go on vacation. Did I write travel site – I meant escort site. I will buy you a drink at the bar; I am not going to buy you a drink in Barbados. How is this website legal – and who does this apply to? As far as I can tell it’s for men who don’t like to travel alone, but like to sleep alone. It’s prostitution without any of the benefits. I have never been driving a hooker to the hotel and thought, “You know what – this is nice – just this. Why can’t it always be like this?” Well now it can.

I am a huge Doctor Who fan and I have suffered big time in the friendship and relationship realm because of this fact – much like the Doctor himself. The Doctor gets to travel non-stop in his Tardis and picks up companions along the way. In the most recent seasons - one of the companions has been the painfully adorable Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan. She basically gets to travel, for free, to the end of the universe and she isn’t forced to do any sexual favors. Sure, she has to face cataclysmic scenarios, like every week, but it’s still safer than going to Aruba. She even gets to bring her boyfriend/husband along! Come on. The trailers for next season are up and I am clearing out space in my heart for Karen Gillan to return to. My heart is like the Tardis; it’s bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside and it may crush you if you get too attached to it.

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