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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Alison Pill

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Maybe people’s artistic abilities have not caught up to my needs, but I don’t understand why anyone gets turned on by naked cartoons. Most children with no access to nudity draw naked ladies. But now we have the internet and they can just go online to look at drawings of naked ladies. I don’t get the point of animated porn. I guess you can make drawings where the cartoons do seemingly inhuman things, but if that becomes your taste then you will have a pretty hard time when you actually hook up with a woman. Who am I kidding? The people who look at animated porn will never be with a real lady. The closest thing they will have to another body in their bed will be a Dakimakura (loosely translated as Japanese body pillow or pathetic loser accessory – I don’t know - my Japanese isn’t so good these days.)

Having said that, when I first read the fantastic Scott Pilgrim graphic novels I didn’t think much of Kim Pine – that is until they made a live action movie starring Alison Pill. A smoking hot female drummer, who is also real? Now that is an idea I can get behind. Alison Pill was perfect as Kim Pine – cute as a button, sharp as a tack, punk as fuck and real (the last part is probably the most important.) I just started watching The Newsroom where she plays Maggie and I have no literary background to compare it against, but she is once again perfectly cast. So this week I am in love with you Alison Pill. You should be perfectly cast as my girlfriend or drummer for my band depending on your current relationship status.

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