Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part XI

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Leave it up to the Swedish to revolutionize the bicycle fashion industry. A Swedish company named Hovding created an air bag for your head that inflates if you are involved in a bike accident. The airbag fits inside the collar of the product and remains completely elusive until your head is about to crash into the ground whereby it inflates and surrounds your head. Here’s the part I don’t get – how does it get around the top and front or your head? It looks like a hood, but you have to pull a hood on. Must be an ancient Swedish secret. Also part of the downside with car air bags is that they are known to burn the driver’s hands when ignited. Hope you didn’t like your neck being all smooth and unburned.

Outside of the outrageous claim that this is fashionable, I can’t find a lot of fault with this (though incidentally I also can’t find the $600 to purchase this.) Bike helmets are impossible to look cool in. There have been many advances, but the helmet industry has only recently moved from “dweeb” to “goober.” The more the helmet makers try to xtremeify their helmets, the dumber they look. Have you seen the motorcycle helmets that have a Mohawk coming out the top? They look like handicapped chickens. I tend not to wear helmets, because I would rather look awesome and have a scar than wear a helmet. Because chicks dig dudes with scars, they don’t dig dudes in helmets.

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