Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XXV

Written by: Brandon Fisher


When a women gets married the abbreviation before her surname changes from “Ms.” to “Mrs.”, but when a man gets married his stays the same, “Mr.” According to my married friends, this is because once a woman gets married she completely changes. Ms. Thomas that you were dating is not the same person as Mrs. Thomas. Ms. Thomas may have allowed you to go out drinking with your buddies and go to the store in sweatpants. Mrs. Thomas withholds sex in return for jewelry. I cannot prove this to be true, since I am not married and this is of course hearsay (or rather he-say), but it seems consistent with my observations.

The above observation seems especially true when the woman takes the males last name. Because then she truly is a different person. I want my wife to take my last name. In fact, I want her to take my last name, my first name and my middle name. I want to start fresh as someone new. That’s how marriage works, right? It’s like a game of tag. Now she has to deal with my debt, obligations and empty promises. From what I’ve read more men are choosing to take their wives last name. I believe it was in return for their balls.

Women’s status in society is improving and evolving over time and sexism becoming less overt. With this - a recent study looked at, “personal preferences regarding marriage proposals and marital name changes. (They) then tested whether endorsing benevolent sexism was predictive of holding traditional marriage preferences.” Sure enough, they were able to tie, “benevolent sexism to heterosexual-dating scripts and courtship behavior,” Meaning that Mr Wrong you met in the bar who treated you like a piece of meat over time would make you Mrs Wrong. If you want to retain your name, date open minded guys who don't need you to conform to society’s laws. If you want him to take your name, get ready to buy a lot of pants, because you will be the one wearing them in the relationship.

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