Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XXIV

Written by: Brandon Fisher


The best part about being single is that I still have not heard an Adele song. I also don’t know what this Gotye thing is. Is that like a Goat/Coyote?  When you’re in a relationship you get exposed to all kinds of boring shit you would otherwise be shielded from. Being single is like being a hipster – you simply cruise through life not being subject to mainstream topical fads. As much as I hate the term – I probably am a hipster - mainly because I date girls I haven’t even met yet.

To be fair - women have to put up with just as much crap as men. They have to pretend to like your friends, beer and sports. In fact, a new study proves that, “wives were more likely to watch televised sports as a means of maintaining their relationship with their husbands than for their own enjoyment.” The issue here is that I don’t watch sports. Which means my wife won’t have to pretend when she’s with me. Relationships are all about compromise. I won’t make them watch sports if they won’t make me watch anything involving a celebrity’s child (unless it’s a sex tape.)

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