Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XXIII

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Have you noticed that you can’t say, “good for you” without sounding sarcastic. That really says something about how smug and dickish we are as a society. You also can’t say, “get home safely” to a women on the street without them clutching their mace and dialing 9, 1 on their phone. You can’t even compliment people these days without a high probability of eye rolling or brow lowering (certainly not in the workplace.) Whenever I get complimented on something - I just assume they want it. This explains why I don’t get a lot of compliments on my body. I have nice things, but I don’t “peacock”, because in my understanding, women like tall, dark and handsome, not circular, colorful and birdlike. I do pay my fair share of compliments without acceptance – at least they are cheaper than drinks.

I thought all women liked to be complimented, but according to a new study, “Compliments given from man to man were accepted 40% of the time; only 22% of compliments given from one woman to another were accepted.” But, “When it was a man, not a woman, giving a compliment, women accepted it 68% of the time.”

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