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Brandon Spoils Movies - Ghost Dad

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Long ago I notified my work that upon hearing news of Bill Cosby’s passing I would take the remainder of the day off. I love Bill Cosby and wince at the idea of his passing, but everyone dies, so in order to ease into acceptance I decided to watch Ghost Dad. I don’t have to explain the plot to you – it’s almost entirely summarized in the title. What’s odd is that the movie doesn’t understand the logic of either of these words. Let’s break it down.

I don’t think the writers knew the boundaries of ghostdom. Bill Cosby becomes a ghost that can walk through walls and buses, but doesn’t fall through bridges or chairs? How does that work? He is invisible unless the lights are low. Wouldn’t a pitch black room be difficult to see anything in? How dark does it need to be? There are no variations explained in the movie. If he can't be in sunlight - doesn't that make him a vampire - not a ghost? Although he is dead and has no vocal chords he can talk – at one point they couldn’t hear him, but the movie takes a leap of faith explaining if he tries hard enough, he can. I would have thought it worked like the light/appearance thing where if they turn the radio up they could hear him – oh well. At one point he is able to transport through a phone. I didn’t know ghosts could defy space/time logic – it would be a real time saver if he could do that - he wouldn’t have needed his daughter to drive him around at all. He can also hold and lift things as a ghost, but there appears to be no strength/weight concern. I guess being a ghost defies gravity as well. The major issue I have is – his clothes aren’t ghosts – how come sometimes they completely disappear and other times they don’t? Must be some magical clothes.

He also isn’t a Dad – or at least not a good one. He’s never around, he leaves them home alone, he forgets their birthdays and he insults their cooking. No wonder the kids shed literally NO tears when they heard he died. Even after he explains he’s a ghost they give him a hard time. But they do run errands and help him fake a physical, run a boardroom meeting and hook-up – that’s right at one point he gets ghost action. I am alive and I can’t even score. This whole living thing has been keeping me back.

Here are my stray observations about the story itself. Cosby dies when a satanic cab driver drives off a bridge. You know this whole story could have been avoided if he just accepted Satan in his life, right? And why does liking Satan make you such a bad driver? I have never seen Satan in a car.  When the cop sees the broken guard rail he does nothing to investigate the scene. He doesn’t even walk down to the water. And how did the cab driver get away? In most purgatory/ghost movies the deceased returns to earth to solve their murder, or get revenge, or do one final good deed before passing – what does Cosby need to do – make it to Thursday to ensure a merger at his company to get his pension. So he dies and then goes to work! You’re a ghost – at least make a stop at the nearest women’s locker room. The merger succeeds even though he gets fired and loses his pension (which never gets addressed at the end about him having no job and being poor). It turns out he never actually died. His family is able to jump out of their bodies (where is the super hero Ghost Dad fan fiction?) His body didn’t lose its life it lost its soul. So he wasn’t actually a Ghost Dad he was more like a Soul Man – but apparently that is already a movie.

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