Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part VII

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Adidas decided to unveil and then deveil these shoes with ankle locks. Because everyone loves chains, right? The kids still love their chain wallets, right? Right? A lot of people have called them out for being racist, which they clearly are, but they are missing the larger problem – hooking up (and not the kind where you hook a chain to your ankle.) When you are making out with a lady - the speed and agility with which you remove your clothing is essential. You don’t want to be the guy still wearing socks in bed (see The Sock Gap episode of Coupling for a full review.) This just creates another barrier to pass before hooking up. And what happens if you get your pants caught on the chain? And everyone know no self respecting woman will have sex with a man looking like My Pet Monster.

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