Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part VI

Written by: Brandon Fisher


I never understood the cowboy hat, cowboy shirt, cowboy boots outfit. Cowboy is the only profession people dress up in even though it’s not Halloween. The only time people should be dressed up as a cowboy is if they are with a construction worker, an Indian, a traffic cop and a sailor. If you work at Burger King you don’t wear your visor, black pants and sadness to the bar afterwards - No. You don’t see other professions becoming popular styles – there are no guys showing up at the bar in a one piece hazmat suit – unless you are at a rave – in which case RUN you have time warped to 1996. Although everything in fashion revolves in 20 year cycles, so in 4 to 6 years this may become reality.

Having said that – this armor hoodie is pretty bad ass. You can be a knight at night and stay warm. It’s also way more mobile than the traditional suit of armor. You can run away from the people trying to beat your ass with more agility. This would be the perfect armor for a fight – a pillow fight. Unfortunately for the young man who created the hoodie, Chadwick John Dillon, his Etsy shop was shut down due to overwhelming response. You mean nerds like history, medieval times and hoodies? Who knew? If history proves true, Sketchers will find a way to create their own armor hoodie and sell it as though they were the original inventors in the sweatshop blacksmith.

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