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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Azealia Banks

Written by: Brandon Fisher

The internet is heroin. The first time you hear about it and try it it’s the best thing ever, and then the diminishing returns set in. You will never reach that first high again. Every once in a while a new site will come along or a new feature that makes you think it’s great again, but it will never be the same. It’s like the crappy boyfriend who lulls you into submission, treats you like shit, then brings you chocolate once a year just to keep you attached. But we’re addicted what are we going to do - go back to the Dewey Decimal system? Don’t make me slap you.

The byproducts of the internet fall into the same trap. I keep getting exposed to new artists and get really excited, but with every additional track I lose interest (or lost interest by single #2 - I won’t names names but I will link links .) Whenever an artist I like drops a new single or record I brace myself for the worst and usually end up disappointed. Then the latest release bottlenecks the original and I end up just disposing of my any excitement for the artist. Oh no. I might be a hipster. NO! Hipster is to internet as Addict is to heroin. I feel like I am shooting up with a cat5 cable while pulling a computer ribbon around my bicep with my teeth.

Azealia Banks is one of the newer artists I was introduced to over the last year and I bump “212” all the time. She seems like the evolution of a lot of the female rappers out there now-a-days. She isn’t glamour or ghetto fabulous. She just seems real. The girl next door. She’s the rapper next door. That’s not to say she’s run of the mill, she’s not. There are plenty of girls who live next door, but not all of them can do that pouty lip lick thing like Azealia. I was very concerned about her future output. Today she released Jumanji and although it isn’t as infectious as “212” it’s still decent. Maybe that’s the best we can hope for. A diminishing return curve that is gradual rather than a cliff. I can deal with that. I can also watch her groove all night even without the sound on.

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