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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Eleanor Friedberger

Written by: Brandon Fisher


WIAILWTW is back! I took a couple weeks off to actually love a real person, but I am back to where it is much safer - loving people I will never actually meet. Lesson: Love from a safe distance, my friends. Like behind a nice bush or crouching behind a car. Anyways. I collect rare and unique vinyl records. That’s my taste. In turn, I tend to attract unique and rare women. The thing is – most of the records I have are rare and unique because no one wanted them in the first place and the majority of those who did buy in kicked them to the curb almost immediately. That’s where I come in. I am the trashman. But I love them nonetheless.

I like individuals. Someone who does their own thing. Someone with character. Someone who is not afraid to let their freak flag flap uncontrollably in the wind. All of those things exactly describe my love of the week, Eleanor Friedberger. I can’t say I was the biggest Fiery Furnaces fan, but once she got out there doing her own thing I became immediately smitten. She has a song writing and lyrically ability uncommon in today’s polished robotic music industry. She also has an uncommon beauty for a music star. Casual. Playful. Unforced. Not everyone would be into her, but I am the type of person who prefers variety over stability. I plan to go see her April 19th at the Black Cat in DC, but I have no intention of meeting her, but I will be doing my rounds at 9am in case there’s anything she wants to put out there.

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