Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part II

Written by: Brandon Fisher


So these exist apparently. Why would you want to look like a pizza? Camouflage against a pizza billboard? Sure. Pizza The Hut costume contest? Maybe. Fashion? Let’s pump the brakes on that one.

I can imagine the only time anyone would buy one would be the same reason most people buy pizza in general – it’s midnight on a weekend and they are hammered and think it would be a great idea. I think the best part about the shirt is if you drop your slice of pizza on your shirt it wouldn’t make a difference. It should be marketed as a stain proof shirt. It should also be labeled as the only pizza you can buy that won’t make you fat, but will resist women all the same.

The shirt comes in pepperoni or vegetable. I would totally buy one if I could get a vegetable without mushrooms. Does it could with a side of a breadstick tote bag? And does it get delivered by the UPS guy or a pizza shirt guy? I hope the later, because I would like to see their pizza car pull up.

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