Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Fashion The Pan - Part I

Written by: Brandon Fisher


The online company I work for sells apparel goods, so I come across a fair share of new products in the industry. I also shop exclusively online for clothing (unless if comes from a thrift store), so I have my finger on the pulse of the fashion industry – it’s just too bad its flatlining. So I will use this new series to discuss and comment on current trends.

I thought the whole distressed jean thing went away. Before the financial crisis of late 2008 rich people were paying a fortune to look poor. Now some of those people are poor and they can do the work for free. Has this always been the case? I don’t remember seeing paintings of Kings dressed as serfs or Michael Jackson dressed like Jermaine. The only thing I can think of is the philosophy that in order to destroy something you have to do it from the inside. Maybe the rich are trying to look like the poor to destroy them (it would certainly increase their property value.) Maybe instead of walking by a homeless person begging for change they should offer them $900 bucks for their pants. Or they could simply buy these $900 destroyed jeans. Here’s what I don’t get – you have to be dressed up to get into clubs that the rich frequent, so when would these even come into play? I would say to mow the lawn, but they have people that they pay to eat their grass for their amusement. My only hope is that the co-opting of poor people doesn’t stop at fashion. Why not pay $20K for a shopping cart purse? Or $2M for a cardboard box pool house? If the trend continues then the rich will become poor, literally, and we can use their misfortune to forecast new fashion trends.

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