Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XVI

Written by: Brandon Fisher

Most people quote “introduced by a friend or family member” as the most common and best way to meet someone of the opposite sex. That is if you choose to leave your house, which sounds awful. I have lots of friends and coworkers who are female. At one point or another I have probably asked each of them if they have any single female friends. One after another they have all said they don’t have a lot of friends who are girls and prefer to hang out with guys, because girls are catty and manipulative and a bunch of other true statements. How is it mathematically possible that every girl I know does not hang out with other women? Is there just an island of single women somewhere? Or is there a pen of unfriendable, undatable women in some basement? I hate guys, but I am friends with a lot of them. Apparently women hate women and they cannot be friends with them – unless they are lesbians, but there’s no point for them to have single straight friends.

Not only can they not be friends, but according to new research, women won’t hire attractive women at their jobs. According to the study, “Unlike men, women tend to be jealous of members of the same sex because of their physical appearance. ‘Females in charge of hiring at the companies themselves may well be jealous of prospective female employees who are attractive and thus may compete with them for mates, or at least the attention of male co-workers.’” Women – you are making it very difficult for us to like you. It’s like you are defying us to like you. Dating shouldn’t need to be so competitive. Stop trying to rig the system. If there was a third sex, you would be extinct. Since there isn’t - we have to find a way to work together. Let’s start by making out.

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