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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Cherry Sweetbottom

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Doing comedy can often feel like you are naked baring your soul on stage. At least we aren’t forced to bare our bodies. There would be even fewer people in the audience than there are already. It’s funny when people imply they have a small penis. It’s just sad when they actually show you. Stand up is the art of implication. Burlesque is the art of the tease. It’s like insinuating, but never showing that you have a small penis (I hope most Burlesque dancers don’t actually have penises – big, normal or small. I know there are male burlesque dancers - I am referring to the women here)

In the olden days of variety shows - comedy was often combined on the same bill with American Burlesque. Comedy is like Burlesque. In both cases a performer goes on stage and reveals themselves to an audience in exchange for a positive reaction. At some point the two art forms diverged. I think it’s because women don’t generally go to comedy shows (since both forms seem skewed towards guys anyways). Recently there has been a resurgence of the two acts happening on the same bill. I have done several of these shows over time and I can say there are more similarities than just the need for attention. The amount of humor delivered is similar to the hotness and seductiveness of the Burlesque dancer. For every extraordinary comic you see you have to sit through 100 other comics ranging from awful to exceptional.  How can I be nice about the dancers I have seen? Let’s just say – I don’t laugh at the majority of comics either.

That said - on occasion you do run across very pretty, talented dancers. This past Sunday I did a show at the Red Palace in DC and there were multiple beautiful ladies performing. It was the equivalent of seeing everyone on the “Talking Funny” show performing the same night. I completely fell in love with one of these ladies, Cherry Sweetbottom. She did awesome and is now a part of Cupcake Cabaret DC. People always joke about their loser friend that goes to the strip club, gets a little attention and falls in love with the stripper that he paid to be nice to him. What a pathetic loser. This is nothing like that at all. She is a burlesque dancer. And it was free. The image above is she and I after the show. That pen wasn't the only hard thing trying to leap out of my pocket.

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