Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan



Written by: Brandon Fisher


Before the show at Red Palace in DC last night I found this note. If this is your note and you need it, back let me know. I also have some questions:

Why didn't you spring for the real Sting Speedo? If you are going to commit to a Speedo, you might as well go full out.

Is the Sting Speedo called a "Steedo" or a "Stingdo"?

What event could have caused you not to wear the Speedo? The only instance where you should not wear it is if Sting actually walks in wearing one. There can only be one Sting in a Speedo and he's got dibbs on it.

What is “ado” and why can’t you wait for more of it? Did you bid “ado”s adieu?

Whoever wrote in, “the spice must flow” is correct. If you are going to crush the House of Atreides you must start your reign backstage at a club in DC. It’s how all great leaders started. Who can forget the time Hitler did an erotic striptease to “99 luftballons?”

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