Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part XII

Written by: Brandon Fisher


I like it when women spend the night (in general, but wait there’s more) and then ask to borrow a shirt to sleep in. I think the benefit here is familiarity. I feel more at home holding a shirt that has once held me. Plus, I am not always fond of the clothing others wear. At least in this scenario I can comment on how much I like their shirt. Everyone wins! Plus, if I put on that shirt in the future it might still smell like them. Yes, I wash the shirts every time, but some women take multiple washes to cleanse yourself of.

I like to make women comfortable when they stay the night. I have contact cases and solution (though I don’t wear contacts), face wash (though typically the most my face gets is a splash during showering – or a drink in the face at a bar) and yes, there are tampons in my house. I am not sure if that’s weird for a woman to see though. I am still on the tampon fence on that one. I try to keep their favorite drink in stock and flourish the fridge with vegetables and fruits that otherwise are strictly decorative until they make their inevitable journey to the trashcan.

A new study by John Barg and Idit Shalev shows that bringing somebody back to your freezing apartment may increase their loneliness and send them in search of the “social warmth” a companion can provide. From now on I am keeping my apartment lightly chilled with a chance of spooning. The concern here is that – if you know meteorology - if a cold climate is suddenly interrupted by a heat wave it may cause a tornado. A love tornado. I knew my loving was good, but I didn’t know it could change the physical properties of the atmosphere.

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