Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Busy Signal

Written by: Brandon Fisher

Sorry for the lack of posting this month - I have been incredibly busy. I will get back in a constant rotation soon. In the meantime here are some things from my weekend:

I found this set of matching Unicorn dishware in a thrift store. I heard these types of plates only appeared in people's imaginations or in fairy tales. It's like they are too amazing to even exist.


Then I saw this sign about not throwing cigarette butts in the planter, but it was littered with cigarette butts. Just goes to show you if you tell someone not to do something they will want to do it even more. These people are just lucky people haven't burned the sign down yet. Although - the sign does look new - maybe it's just the latest sign to grow from the ashes.


And here is a photo of my friend Josh trying the Cinnamon challenge. Apparently it's not hard to get all the cinnamon in your mouth, but once you try to swallow you can't keep it down. Insert whatever blowjob joke you like.


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