Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part X

Written by: Brandon Fisher


It can be frustrating when I hear a woman say, “My number one trait I look for in a man is sense of humor.” Once this comes out of a women’s mouth it’s hard to believe anything else that follows. Here is my proof – if women really were interested in guys with a great sense of humor they would come to more comedy shows to meet men. Every comic can tell you that it’s rare when a comic actually meets a girl at a mic. Sidenote, I have. If this statement were true most of the comics would be dating someone, yet the majority of us are single and a hefty margin of those dating women are dating female comics.

Not all comics are attractive. I get it. There is a reason we became comics. But some are, so you can’t say we are all single because we are unattractive. I mean - not to brag, but I almost had sex the other day. Another common personality trait sought after in a potential mate is intelligence. A lot of the comics I have met are very intelligent. Women – your perfect man might be a comic. In a recent study it was observed that, “effective humor production acts as an honest indicator of intelligence in humans.” There you have it ladies – comics meet two (sometimes three) of the top potential mate variables. The one thing most comics don’t have though is a lot of money. Looks like we just backed into what women really want.

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