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Brandon Spoils Movies - E.T.

Written by: Brandon Fisher


After watching and enjoying Super 8 – I heard a lot of comparisons to E.T., which I have not seen in at least 20 years, so last night I decided to rewatch and comment. E.T. is about a space traveling candy-loving botanist who comes to earth on a plant gathering expedition and gets left behind only to befriend and almost kill a Californian youth. Upon discovering the occurrence, the government once again proves they hate illegal aliens being in our country, because they send a team of headless men on a quest to retrieve the alien. A young boy befriends the alien and tries to hide the alien from the government in an effort to return him to safety like a young Harriet Tubman.

E.T. stands for extra-terrestrial meaning not of earth. You don’t hear a lot of people referring to one another as terrestrials and in my opinion we should since we are all equal. “Who’s my terrestrial? You my terrestrial.”  Did you notice that E.T. is also a shortened version of E.lliot.T? We aren’t so different, now are we? Except that the foot pedals in their spaceship must be pretty high off the ground. Soon afterwards Hollywood used the other acronym for alien ALF (or alien life form) for the television show ALF. I wonder if they know one another. During the Halloween scene where E.T. walks past a kid in a Yoda costume he says, “home” which means they must know one another. Maybe if he had been able to stay longer E.T. could have trained Elliott the Force. You know E.T. was a Jedi Master – he could use levitation and help the one he loves the most from death.  

I continue to refer to E.T. as “he”. There is a part where Elliott is pantomiming and E.T. mirrors the actions showing how similar they are. Later, the younger sister Gertie asks is he is a boy and Elliott responds “Yes”, which means there is a deleted scene where Elliott and E.T. compare their junk. Then when Elliott cuts his hand, E.T. heals him and in doing so they feel one another’s emotions, including inebriation after drinking beer. It’s a good thing E.T. wasn't an alcoholic or Elliott would have had a much harder time in school. Then when E.T. gets sick Elliott gets sick too. Isn’t that messed up – he was going to take Elliott down with him after all he did for him?

The government eventually tracks down E.T. without a warrant and begins using human medicine on the very unhuman alien to attempt to cure him. E.T. then defies modern science by dying only to be revitalized with little to no noticeable decomposition. Elliott and his brother (who coincidentally looks like an age defying Jesse Eisenburg) break E.T. out and make an attempt to get to the pick-up area. Later on bicycles E.T. uses his power of levitation to lift them off the road and into the air. Two things: One if E.T. could levitate why not haul up in a trash can and just levitate yourself out of earth’s orbit? Two: why are the kids still peddling? Is that actually propelling them forward? I think not. E.T. then signals his crew using his stomach – which is never really explained – and offers Elliott a chance to ride on with him – yet he chooses to stay. Why wouldn’t you go? Star Trek: Deep Space E.T. would have been a sick show.

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