Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Brandon Breaks Records- James Galway

Written by: Brandon Fisher


The only time people should interact with art is if they are in the audience for an improv show or at the musical Cats or are a black person at any movie (I am just kidding they yell out at more things than just movies.) People don’t just like to be the center of attention they like to be; the center of attention, the perimeter of attention, the inside of attention, the little corner off to the side that you can’t even paint because it’s too small of a crevasse of attention. People love to detract the attention away from art and onto themselves. The only explanation for this behavior is that people hate art. Art did nothing to you. Art did not foreclose on your house. Art did not sleep with your girlfriend. Art did not accidentally ding your car in the parking lot this morning and wanted to leave a note but didn’t have any paper, so it decided it was small enough that a little mark never hurt anyone. Stop interacting with art.  

There have been numerous occurrences of people trying to deface art. Most recently I saw some woman tried to urinate on a Clyfford Still’s painting. What is going on? Keep your crazy away from art. If you hate art – do it from a safe distance. Do it from so far away I can’t notice you are loudly responding to every joke that I do at an open mic. Art would be great if it wasn’t for all the people around it.

James Galway not only ruined The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai by slapping his big dumb smiling face and unkempt hair right over it – he also made a record of Japanese music as a white dude. White people - stop co-opting music from other cultures and trying to make it your own. You got lucky with rock and roll, but then you just had to roll the dice with Jazz and Hip-Hop. Now we are stuck with Kenny G and Asher Roth. Good job jerks.

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