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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Björk

Written by: Brandon Fisher


The greatest stories you hear are the ones most difficult to separate fact from fiction. I was told this story years ago by my roommate, whose best friend’s brother had this incident apparently happen to him. He was flying to Iceland and while over the Atlantic Ocean the plane hit turbulence and the pilot ordered everyone back to their seats. People began making their way to their seats when the plane hit a huge air pocket and the abruptly displaced the luggage and passengers. The person in the story said that after one pocket a women was flung into his lap and he had to hold her until the plane regained normality. Once out of danger the pilot asked everyone to return to the seats, the woman thanked him and returned to her seat. That woman was Björk. The story sounds believable enough, but I can only think of how I would have naturally reacted in that scenario. Once I realized it was Björk I would have gone into the cockpit, knocked out the pilot and crashed the plane, because nothing in my life could ever top that moment.

My test to see if people really “get” music is to ask them if they like two musicians; Tom Waits and Björk. If you “get” what they are doing, in my opinion you understand music. A lot of people say that Björk only makes crazy, catlike, nonsensical noise, but that’s not true – she also makes music videos. Her music videos are amazing and have been directed by such greats as; Spike Jonze, Sophie Muller and Michael Gondry. My personal favorite is “Venus as a Boy”. In it she had that pixie like hair and playfullness that launched a thousand hairs on my arms to raise. Now if she could only do that on my receding hairline.

I love Björk. Actually it’s more than that. I löve Björk. If there was a lifetime achievement award for Who I Am In Love With This Week, Björk would be the first recipient. After seeing the video for Human Nature when I was 13, I bought Debut on cassette (which I still have) and haven’t stopped loving her since (next year will be our 20 year anniversary – hope she buys me something nice.) Everything about her from her music to her style to her craziness to her tech saavyness to her accent is painfully adorable to me. I just want a miniature Björk that I can carry around in my pocket and bring out to cheer me up if I’m having a bad day. Over the years I have had dozens - if not bakers dozens - of dreams about Björk. And nothing weird either. Just she and I hanging out. Becoming friends. Getting to know one another. Going shopping together. Nothing sexual. Though, as I often commented to my roommate who told me the aforementioned story, I bet she is a handful in the sack.

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