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Brandon Breaks Records- Free Spirit

Written by: Brandon Fisher


If there is a heaven (or havin as some proclaim) do you think we will all be wearing the same outfit? (If the deceased are wearing clothes at all, that is.) It’s an interesting question. For starters, where would the fabric come from? I don’t see a lot of farming or agriculture or cotton milling in images of heaven. Even if it existed, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face to follow biblical rules your entire life then get to heaven and be handed a hoe?

What would the clothing look like? In most images of Jesus, he is sporting the one piece white throw over. I would assume it would be this, considering its unisex and it isn’t fashion forward enough to confuse the cave people or the Danish. Plus, I assume if your two options are heaven or hell: most clothing designers would be sewing pajama jeans in hell. Therefore I would err on the side of simplicity.

Would you only be handed one standard issue white onesie for life? I don’t know about you, but it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that if I have on anything white I will spill and stain it within two meals. If you do stain your onesie – are there Laundromats (this reiterates the concern about having to work in heaven.)

The answer has to be, “Yes” there is clothing in heaven. If you’ve ever been in Catholic school or a Christian music act, you know that they have uniforms to train people to conform to one fashion style. What is confusing about the record this week is that the group is called “Free Spirit” – doesn’t sound like there is a lot of freedom when you only sing praises of God and wear the same outfit. Do you think like most boy bands there is a bad boy in the Christain music groups? I bet in the guy in the glasses. Just look at him. Where do you think that other hand is? 

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