Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Brandon Breaks Records- Boyd Raeburn

Written by: Brandon Fisher


During and after college I had a lot of straight edge friends – I have nothing against them now, but there are very few of them left since most have broken their edge. The interesting thing to me is that every straight edge person I knew - got a straight edge tattoo. Now that most are no longer straight edge, some have modified their tattoos. Some of my favorite transformations were turning the three Xs into; an argyle pattern, solid black bars and a wine bottle label.

The DC straight edge kids were largely accepting of other people drinking of smoking around them, but some sects around the country would mob drunk people or even go to frat parties and beat on people. The weird thing is there are a lot of similarities between straight edge kids and frat guys; both have committed their lifestyle to inebriation (whether to abstain from it or revolve around it), both tend to interact only with those in their peer group and both are quick to get tattoos commemorating their commitment.

The record of review this week is by Boyd Raeburn called “Fraternity Rush.” Now - I have heard plenty of straight edge songs, but not a lot of frat songs outside of the male vocal group boreathons (frat rock is a genre of music, but not music about fraternities.) That’s not to say I want to hear a song about a fraternity, but if you are that committed, write some songs and get some tattoos. I would make fun of the tattoo on this album, but he has a full chest piece and that was kind of hardcore especially for the 50s.

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