Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan



Written by: Brandon Fisher


It must be difficult to change a company's name once they've identified their image, but the people of Bimbo should really consider a new campaign. Here are the technical issues I see:

Your name: You are a food company. Bimbo implies those preparing the goods are bimbos (ie. women.) You are alienating your female clientele and you understand men cook too, right? Where are the Mimbo trucks?

Your mascot: Your cuddly bear appeals only to people into bestiality (and/or those into pedophilia since the bear looks underage). A bear is a terrible mascot, because it’s one of the animals that more likely views us as food than friend. Which makes the bakers cap that much more concerning.

Your vehicle: White box vans are for kidnapping and sniping (we are in Virginia, you know?) If you retain the name Bimbo you should cross promote with the Avon people and their fleet of pink vehicles - that might better sell your image.

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