Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Wedding Dress

Written by: Brandon Fisher



Ladies - I found a new hot spot to purchase your wedding dress. Don't get stampeded at a dress clearance sale – just head on over to the Salvation Army. Yup – someone’s magic day is now on sale for $49.99. The great thing about buying a wedding dress in a thrift store is it’s the only outfit that you are guaranteed to get laid in. You can’t say that about a Tommy Bahama shirt. The last person to get any in a Tommy Bahama shirt was Tommy Bahama.

If you are trying to hint that you want to get married, just take your man thrift store shopping and pick one up. Tell your man that now that you have it - you might as well just get married. Nothing says impulse buy like wedding dress. And it’s not often that you find something both romantic and thirfty (unless you are in the underwear aisle – yeah, they have that too.) 

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