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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Iggy vs Kreayshawn

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Earworms are songs that get stuck in your head. Therefore, girls who get stuck in our head should be called eargirls or brainworms (I can’t decide which I like better). Earworms aren’t necessarily the best songs; they are just the most noticeable, tenacious, catchy ones. The same goes for eargirls/brainworms. The women in this series aren’t the most attractive or the most approachable – they are just the ones that pop up repeatedly on rotation in my head. Since listmas is upon us, I went through my Itunes library to see which songs I have had on rotation in my headphones the most. Two of those earworms are by up and coming female rappers; Iggy Azelea and Kreayshawn. Again, not the best songs of the year. Not the hottest women. But they occupy that sweet spot in my head for a temporary basis.

Therefore, for the first time ever there is a “Who Am I In Love With” competition. Not only will the winner be deemed my love of the week, but the team they represent will be the name of girls who get stuck in your head. Iggy will be fighting for eargirls and Kreayshawn will be fighting for brainworms.

Round 1: Most Notable Song. Kreayshawn came out first with “Gucci Gucci” which I actually really like. Unfortunately she did not write it – apparently it was written by some dude named Speak. Iggy’s song “My World” isn’t as good, but the video features Tommy “Tiny” Lister (aka Zeus, aka Deebo). Winner: Tommy “Tiny” Lister.  

Round 2: Posse/Town: Kreayshawn is from Oakland and Iggy is from LA. Kreayshawn is in the white girl mob, which until recently featured Jordan "Lil' Debbie" Capozzi who has been a runner-up “Who I Am In Love With” recipient for some time. Iggy’s posse is white girl team (maybe). Winner: Lil’ Debbie.

Round 3: Personality: Both are apparently bad bitches. Both partake in illegal substances. Both are, let’s say, interesting dressers. Kreayshawn directs videos. Iggy draws and paints. Kreashawn is American. Iggy is Australian. Winner: Iggy

Congratulations Iggy and eargirls. You are my love of the week.

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