Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part IV

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Women love scrapbooking. They like to take a bunch of stuff that doesn’t naturally fit together and rearrange it in a way that looks pretty and makes them happy. Then they start groups and plan meetings to show each other their projects. They get so much reward from putting together and sharing a really great project. This is why women love broken men.  A woman would much rather bake cookies than buy them from the store and bring them to their potluck (which they arrange all the time now- I find it very bachelorist.) This is why women don’t want a man that’s too put together, it takes away all the fun. They like to break you down, like a marine drill instructor, and build you back up how they like. Like the marines. Armed forces with hand purses.

In a recent study by the University Of British Columbia men and women were asked to rank how sexually attracted they were to different photos. The photos were of the opposite sex displaying four emotions; happiness, pride, shame and neutral. “Previous research suggests that women tend to seek partners who are reliable providers, whereas men place higher value on a potential mate’s youth, health, and apparent receptivity to sexual relationships.” Men, obviously, ranked women displayed as happy the most attractive. Women like confidence and chose the proud men the most attractive. What is surprising is women’s second choice was shame - and it was a close race! Happy came in last. Yes, after neutral. Good guys don’t finish last – happy guys do – and they are probably happy about it. You can read the whole thing here

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