Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Designing Women - Part III

Written by: Brandon Fisher


According to a new study from Evolutionary Psychology physical attractiveness can be altered by the color of the clothing the person is wearing.

“Recent studies have noted positive effects of red clothing on success in competitive sports, perhaps arising from an evolutionary predisposition to associate the color red with dominance status. Red may also enhance judgments of women’s attractiveness by men, perhaps through a similar association with fertility.

Here we extend these studies by investigating attractiveness judgments of both sexes and by contrasting attributions based on six different colors. Furthermore, by photographing targets repeatedly in different colors, we could investigate whether color effects are due to influences on raters or clothing wearers, by either withholding from raters information about clothing color or holding it constant via digital manipulation, while retaining color-associated variation in wearer’s expression and posture.

When color cues were available, we found color-attractiveness associations when males were judged by either sex, or when males judged females, but not when females judged female images.

Both red and black were associated with higher attractiveness judgments and had approximately equivalent effects.

Importantly, we also detected significant clothing color-attractiveness associations even when clothing color was obscured from raters and when color was held constant by digital manipulation.

These results suggest that clothing color has a psychological influence on wearers at least as much as on raters, and that this ultimately influences attractiveness judgments by others.”

Building on the two previous parts of Designing Women – this indicates that a woman will be catty when another woman is in a revealing dress regardless of color. No color of dress could persuade the women to think the other woman was attractive. Have you heard a women say something like, “Isn’t she pretty?” That just means, “Isn’t she slutty.” It also indicates that men who view women in a red dress from above find them the most attractive. It certainly explains Jessica Rabbit. You can read the whole thing here

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