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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Jen Kirkman

Written by: Brandon Fisher



It's Thanksgiving again, or as is it lesser known Hangover Eve, and the nation is preparing to get drunk enough to make their family's stories tolerable. Whether you get drunk off beer, whiskey or turkey at some point you will begin hearing that familiar knock on the closet door by a skeletal hand and when this happens put down your drink (or turkey leg) and give thanks for the years of therapy needed to normalize you for whatever trauma you are about to incur.  

Drinking is to stories as steroids are to Mark McGuire. And no one is better than my love of the week, Jen Kirkman. Her additions to “Drunk History” from Funny Or Die should be acted as plays in school houses and local theaters. Normally when a women gets drunk and tries to talk through their purple stained teeth I find the nearest exit (or hotel room – depending), but if I could, I would hire Jen to just get drunk and tell me stories every night.  When not drunk, she is the best thing about the already wonderful Pod F Tompkast. Maybe I could work it out to where she gets drunk and tells me stories over the phone – ah, but if only for a Thanksgiving miracle…And if Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving - shouldn't Thanksgiving be White Thursday? I mean we are bascially celebrating white people. The link below is a similar tale of race relations in America told be Jen Kirkman.

Jen can be seen regularly only Chelsea Lately or heard regularly on the Pod F Tompkast and of course you can find her Drunk History additions on Funny Or Die.


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