Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Brandon Breaks Records- Smiley

Written by: Brandon Fisher


We all have parents. I don’t have to explain nature to you. Parents are supposed to guide their young. Whether that be through telling of life lessons, trial and error or calculated beatings. This Smiley record specifically outlines “Parental Guidance Suggested” at the bottom. It is a reminder that you have survived on earth long enough to enjoy this Rap album. Don’t you forget it.

Your parents taught you how to walk, ride a bike and stereotype. Now your parents must guide you in listening to this Smiley record. Music and sounds can be confusing. Many people have forgotten how to listen (they are called husbands.) Upon purchasing this album seek guidance and support for your parents regardless of your or their age. They will always be your parents (until you legally emancipate yourself from them - at that point you are on your own, kid. )

Your parents may quiz you upon completion of listening as several Smiley references are confusing and nonsensical - especially when the smile gets wild. Be sure to write down any questions you may have. There is a “notes” section on the inside liner notes. Once you have proved you can listen to this record without massive head trauma you can purchase records with the “Parental Advisory Suggested” sticker. Your parents should still advise you, but they can guide from a safe distance.

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