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Who I Am In Love With This Week - Felicia Day

Written by: Brandon Fisher


Finding a girl who plays video games is like finding the secret skate park in Grand Theft Auto. And similarly once you find it you will probably have no idea what to do with it when you are there. I feel like the only time you can find a girl playing a video game is if you create her in a video game. Catch 22 for PS3. If you do find one – be careful - girls have a +5 emasculation perk. You don’t want her to be the bread winner and the game winner. I like to play as female characters when available, so I can actually see them make logical, rational decisions. Too bad most games have built in the female personality into the characters. “Choose door one or door two.” “Um, either one. Whatever you want. It’s all the same to me. I don’t like making decisions”.

This week I am in love with Felicia Day. She has that unaffected pale complexion of someone who spends sunny days inside playing WOW, she has a sly wit only acquired through hours of sarcastic Xbox Live put downs and she is smart enough to take advice from Chester Cheetah (look it up on youtube.) You may have seen her in The Guild, Eureka, Dragon Age: Redemption or in my dreams in you know how to do the Inception thing. And for those who have kept track of “Who Am I In Love With” throughout its many incarnations on different sites – Felicia is the only one to appear in all of them. Pants off to you, Felicia.

Felicia wrote and stars in The Guild and Dragon Age: Redemption which can be found on youtube or through Bioware (respectively).

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