Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood & Faizan


Brandon Breaks Records - Two's Company

Written by: Brandon Fisher


For this installment I am breaking down Two’s Company’s “You’re My Best Friend” record for you. Two’s Company is comprised of Irish-Country sleep aides and turtleneck connoisseurs Mary Darcy and Eamon (pronounced “Aye Mon!”) McRory. Only the two perform on the record, but few know that originally there was a third member of the group. The legend goes - one night while performing a yellow blazer benefit show the spotlight became too crowded and a competition was created to narrow the group down to two.  

Third member, and part time turtleneck roller, Jasper McClintock was pitted against Eamon in an old fashioned, no-holds-barred, bare-fisted windmill punching contest. In front of an audience of blood thirsty concert goers, local wildlife and windmill activists the two pummeled the unsuspecting windmill with a fury of haymakers and racially insensitive insults.   

The first blood of the night came from an accidental head butt between Eamon and a windmill blade where he suffered a small laceration above his right eye and lost the front half of his hair. Jasper’s fate was not so lucky. After crippling the lower supports of the windmill with a series of karate chops, the windmill collapsed directly on top of Jasper killing him, and the windmill, instantly. Eamon was dubbed best puncher, best insulter and best friend by Mary. Later a song was written to commemorate the event called “You’re My Best Friend.” Or so the legend goes.

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