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Comedic Intent

Written by: Joe Nicolia

Greetings, once again, and hopefully once and for all, internets. This is the Comedic Intent blog, a home for the thoughts, ramblings, musings and hopefully the jokes of the hosts of the Comedic Intent Podcast: Brandon Fisher, CJ Kirkwood and Faizan.

This blog runs on PyroCMS and was designed by Brandon Fisher and Dan Montgomery to meet all of your Comedic Intent needs. It will be administered by Brandon Fisher and Joe Nicolia, with authors Brandon, CJ and Faizan, perhaps with guest posts from other DC area comedians (though details are yet to be determined).

There will be posts about ladies, about humor, about awesome things and a gratuitous amount of plugs regarding shows and events from your hosts. I believe there will also be no shortage of posts regarding cats, the humours lives they lead and their terrible grammar, as well as other humorous internet memes. Since Skyrim will be out in only a few months, I can guarantee that Brandon will have something funny to say about the inhabitants of that world, and your humble administrator will have nothing to say, since Skyrim will be taking up all his time.

That is the end of this highly scientific and informative post. I leave you with this:

Know your memetic history.

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